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"Dondang sayang" immediately conjures an image of kebaya clad ladies melodiously singing the pantun accompanied by the sultry strings of the violin interspersed with beats by the gong and rebana. But it says more than that. It’s Malaysian and it speaks of love! 

We are not clad in kebaya and neither do we gong nor pantun, but all of us here sing the same song – we just love the older person. We are a group of like-minded individuals who care for the older guys and girls but in addition we love what we do. Hence instead of twiddling our thumbs and toes we have decided to fiddle with our keyboards and come up with or contribution for this community.

Ever so often we come across elders or caregivers who need help and need questions answered. Well, we attempt to shower our website with pearls of knowledge and experience for you all to mine, and we hope that this website will hit the right note with you."

FS Lee


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