Hearing Aid Tips




Hearing Aids


  • Begin with a comfortable volume
  • At first, wear the hearing aids in your own home environment.
  • Do not overtire yourself.
  • Accustom yourself to the use of the hearing aids while conversing with just one other person.
  • Do not strain to catch every word, even people with normal hearing do not hear every word!
  • Do not be discouraged by background noise.
  • Practice locating the source of the sound by listening only.
  • Increase your tolerance for loud sounds SLOWLY.
  • Practice learning to discriminate different speech sounds.
  • Relearn the art of concentration. Be alert and pay close attention to the conversation.
  • It takes practice to select what you want to hear from all the sounds the hearing aids pick up.
  • Listen to something read aloud, books on tape are available at your library.
  • Gradually extend the number of persons with whom you speak.
  • Gradually increase the number of situations in which you use your hearing aids



  • Keep the hearing aids dry.
  • Put the hearing aids in a dehumidifier kit or in a container with silica gel overnight, the aids will be dry by morning.
  • Remove the aids when perspiration is greatest.
  • Never expose the hearing aids to steam or vapor such as shower, sauna or direct rain.

Hearing Aid


  • Avoid high temperatures.
  • Never leave the aids in the glove compartment or on the dash of a car on a hot day.
  • Never expose them to the blast from a hair dryer or to prolonged direct sun.
  • Never leave them near to radiator, heater or hot surface

Hearing Aid


  • Handle the hearing aids gently.
  • Do not drop it on hard surfaces.
  • Always put them over a soft surface such as carpet or bed when handling them.

Dirt & Dust

  • Wipe the hearing aids with a dry soft cloth to externally clean them each day
  • Use the brush provided to remove the earwax.


  • Use only the battery recommended by the dispenser.
  • Remove the battery from the hearing aids or just open the battery door at night.
  • Do not leave dead battery in the hearing aid


  • Keep the earmould clean by cleaning it with luke warm water once a week
  • Dry the earmould properly with cold air using air blower.
  • If the opening is clogged with wax, clean it gently with dull toothpick or other small dull object.