Tips on Remembering


Sticky Notes & Pads
Place these in prominent areas in the house e.g. refrigerator, dressing table

Pen/Paper by the bed
Ideas can be written once they come into mind.
This decreases the pressure and anxiety about forgetting.

Wall/pocket calendar/phone calendar/pocket diary
Mark important dates, appointments and place these in prominent areas.

Shopping list
Make a checklist of things to buy before going to the market and shops.

Make a checklist of essential things to bring and tick each item off as you pack. Print out the travel itinerary, address and contact number of place to stay,

Reminder to take medications

Remembering where things are kept
Get organized - keep things in specific places after use e.g. hooks for keys
Labels and lists- label boxes, cupboards and make a list of where you keep things.

Remembering people's names
Pay close attention when other people introduce themselves. Repeat the name several times in the conversation. Ask them to spell it if it is unusual.

Remembering appointments/tasks
Write the schedule down in a diary/phone. There are many free apps out there. Make it a habit to look at it once a day.